Thursday, June 26, 2014

Quitting job is a good option?

Sachin Karpe, Smiley

You quit a job for various reasons, ranging from a tiff with the boss or colleagues, non-satisfaction from the current role etc says Sachin Karpe. In short, it is not always about money. It can be about ethics, values, company structure, and company loyalty to employees, co-workers, location, job security and future opportunities. A lot of it can mitigate by adapting to change faster and adjusting in a new environment. A continuous interaction with work colleagues and not isolating from everyone makes a lot of good difference in the overall behaviours at a workplace. Weed out people who cause trouble to you and restrict your interaction with them to plain work exclaims Sachin Karpe. Genuinely seek reviews and feedback and be open to ideas. 

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